Cubs interested in playing exhibition game in Cuba

BOCA RATON – The Chicago Cubs are one of several teams that have expressed interest in playing spring training games in Cuba in 2016 if the league can work out the details.

“MLB is exploring the possibility of a spring-training game against the Cuban national team,” team president Theo Epstein said on Wednesday. “If and when MLB approves that and the league moves forward, we would be one of many candidates to play in that game.”

Epstein indicated that the games would probably occur toward the end of spring training, which could become a logistical problem considering the Cubs open the season in California after spending February and March in Arizona. A league spokesperson said the talks with Cuba are in the “discussion phase” after the United States and Cuba recently restored diplomatic relations.

“It would be an enriching experience for the players and get a feel for Cuban culture and play the national team and start to get an understanding of Cuban baseball in a way that few of us have,” Epstein said.

The Cubs feature one Cuban-born player in Jorge Soler.