Cubs issue 60 playoff shares at $122K per share

CHICAGO – The Cubs issued a major league high 60 full playoff shares at $122,327.59 per share for their run to the NLCS in 2015, the league announced on Monday.

Players with the team for the entire season automatically get a full share. Others, along with coaches, trainers and behind the scenes staff, can be voted full or partial shares along with “cash rewards.” The Cubs voted a total of 8.25 partial shares and 13 cash rewards in addition to the 60 full shares. No other playoff team issued as many as 60 shares.

The Kansas City Royals issued 58 full shares at $370,069.03 per share for winning the World Series. The New York Mets issued 44 full shares at $300, 757.78 per share as the runner-up. The pool of money comes from a formula based on gate receipts from the playoffs as teams advance.