5 Questions with P Pedro Strop: Cubs hitter he'd least like to face

MESA, Ariz. -- Chicago Cubs reliever Pedro Strop is a veteran leader in the bullpen. He’s also extremely personable and demonstrative on the mound. He took a few minutes during Cubs camp to answer 5 important questions:

You’ve had 277 appearances over the past 4 regular seasons. How did your arm feel after the playoffs?

Pedro Strop: Really? That many? I did feel it for the first week. I didn’t want to leave my bed. I didn’t want to do anything. It feels good now. Really good.

What don’t we know about closer Hector Rondon? He’s quiet. I feel like people don’t know him.

PS: He’s quiet to you guys but not to us. He’s funny. He talks, he’s always happy. That’s probably something no one sees. I always thought he could be a good closer. I told him how good he was because he didn’t know how good he could be. Carlos Villanueva and I told him.

Is Justin Grimm smarter than he portrays? He knew Jake Arrieta had a no-hitter last year, right? That’s an act.

PS: (laughing) There isn’t a person that Justin Grimm is smarter than. No one. This guy ... sometimes his mind is in another world. But he’s funny. ... He likes to have fun and play it up.

Was beating the Cardinals in the playoffs the highlight of your career?

PS: It was good for me because I didn’t have good numbers against them in the regular season and I wanted to pitch so bad against them. I didn’t want people to think I can’t pitch against them and I wanted to prove that I could and not have any panic. That was big for me to pitch against them in the playoffs and let everyone know it wasn’t on my mind.

Which stud hitter on your team would you least like to face?

PS: I would say Kyle Schwarber. That ball would fly. Quick hands. Lefty. Boom. No, I don’t want to face him.