Cubs owner, Theo Epstein still on 'same page' regarding new contract

MESA, Ariz. -- Though Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts and team president Theo Epstein met on Tuesday night, there was no new progress on a new contract for Epstein, whose deal is up after this season. In fact, the topic wasn’t really addressed.

“We had dinner last night,” Ricketts said on Wednesday morning at Cubs camp. “We’re on the same page. We just have to sit down and hammer it out.”

Epstein’s contract isn’t up until the end of the 2016 season so there’s plenty of time to get a new deal done. Whenever either side has been asked about a new deal, both have been adamant it will happen.

“I can’t imagine a better relationship than what Theo and I have,” Ricketts said. “It’s not a high-stress conversation. It’s a matter of let’s think it through and get it done soon.”

Epstein joined the Cubs as the highest paid executive in the game in 2011 but he’s been surpassed by several others since then. With a team on the rise and a rebuilt farm system, Ricketts admits Epstein deserves to be paid accordingly.

“I think he’s the best at what he does in the game,” Ricketts stated. “From a compensation standpoint it should be reflected. We’re generally on the same page.”