Ben Zobrist's Twitter mailbag: The NL city I'm most looking forward to (besides Chicago) is ...

MESA, Ariz. -- Downstate Illinois native and new Chicago Cub Ben Zobrist answers your Twitter questions from spring training in the 2016 debut of the Cubs' player mailbag series.

BZ: The plan is to watch more video early on and get to know the pitchers from that perspective. It'll take a series with each team to get to know their bullpen, their starters, how they want to pitch me, how the ball looks coming out of their hand. Half the battle is getting comfortable with yourself. and with your swing. The early parts of the year tend to be the most difficult to feel my swing, but I've been feeling great this offseason. So I look forward to putting more of the focus on what they're trying to do. If I can do that early I feel I can be successful.

BZ: Of course. I played in Wausau, Wisconsin, and loved that summer. It was one of the best summers I've ever had in my life. There was a purity to the game up there and in that town. We ended up winning the championship that year after struggling at the end of the regular season. It was a special memory for me.

BZ: "The Dawn" by my wife (Julianna, a singer) was the one I had last year. This year I'm probably going to go with one of her songs again. It'll be either "Shatterproof" or "Alive" -- one of those two.

BZ: I'm most excited about Wrigley, but outside of that maybe Pittsburgh. It's one field I haven't played on. I've only been to the city one time and I've never played there.

BZ: It's part of who I am. You're supposed to be public about it. But if the private part of your faith isn't intact don't go public with it.

BZ: I never went to Wrigley until I became a player. I was a Cardinals fan. I went down to St. Louis once a year on my birthday. Usually the Cubs/Cardinals games were too expensive because they were the rivalry and so the prices were higher. We'd watch the Cardinals play against the Padres or some other team.

BZ: It's early still, but Addison Russell for sure. He's real good. Sharp. Fundamental but quick. He has all the tools.

BZ: I haven't felt it but it's GQ-esque.

BZ: Felix Hernandez when he threw the perfect game against us. There was nothing to hit. His splitty was nasty.

BZ: I would say shortstop. I'm a backup there at best. I don't think I'll take many ground balls there.

BZ: Probably in 2012, when we lost in extra innings and Carlos Pena hired a Mariachi band. He didn't think they would allow a Mariachi band into the clubhouse. He asked Joe after the loss and Joe said, 'Bring them in.' So we had a mariachi band play after a loss.

BZ: The first thing we did was have a baby. That was the only thing to think about at that point. Her middle name is Royal.

BZ: I like the potential to win the first World Series here in 108 years. That's as good as it gets. This team can do it.