Addison Russell Twitter mailbag: Why does he lose his bat so often?

PHOENIX -- In advance of seeing fans back at Wrigley Field on Monday, Chicago Cubs shortstop Addison Russell answered your questions from this week’s Twitter mailbag:

Addison Russell: Just a loose grip, I guess, and the bat gets away from me. There's nothing more that I can do. I'm just playing and it's slipping. It's not something that's happened my whole life, just lately.

AR: I would say just the atmosphere Chicago is going to bring when we get back home and all year. It's been a while since we've been in Chicago and they're expecting a big year. It's going to be awesome. And just being with my teammates, being familiar with them already. It's going to be a great year.

AR: Just being more comfortable at the plate. [Hitting coach] John Mallee and I have been working hard as well in the cage. But just the comfort level of letting it go now is probably the biggest thing.

AR: Growing up I didn't watch as much baseball as other people did, so my childhood team was probably the Tennessee Titans in football.

AR: I'm a Barry Larkin guy. He came by in a tournament when I was young and signed my bat and everything. Meeting him was pretty cool.

AR: Just staying within myself. Wasn't trying to change too much. Just be patient at the plate.

AR: I like Anaheim, Pittsburgh, and St. Louis isn't bad. I guess right now I want to say Pittsburgh.

AR: I'll get in the gym, stretch, hit the bike up for 5-10 minutes. More stretch, maybe a hot tub for another 5-10. That's about it. Then I hit.

AR: The key goal is to stay healthy this year. Numbers wise, nothing really. Just trying to make that lineup better every single day.

AR: Unless the home run was really important I'd have to go with the defensive play. I consider myself a defensive guy, but the home runs are good, too. You can't describe that feeling of trotting around the bases and all eyes are on you. I still choose the defensive play, but a home run is awesome, too.