Cubs' road-trip theme to Miami: short shorts

CHICAGO -- Painted toenails, short shorts and tank tops highlight the theme of the Chicago Cubs' next road trip to South Florida. First baseman Anthony Rizzo, a native of the Miami area, is the inspiration for manager Joe Maddon’s latest gimmick.

The name of the trip, according to Maddon, is: “Who wears short shorts? Anthony Rizzo wears short shorts.”

“I wore it in today,” Maddon said. “Extremely comfortable.”

Cubs players are required to wear their short shorts along with a tank top on the trip, and if they wear sandals, they’ll need painted toenails.

“[First-base coach Brandon] Hyde’s daughter was excited,” Maddon said. “She was very excited about painting Daddy’s toenails last night.”

Already this year the Cubs have worn zany suits in addition to specially made Cubs tracksuits, and now the short shorts. Newly reacquired outfielder Chris Coghlan had to scramble to accommodate the theme.

“White loafers,” he said. “Red short shorts from Amazon Prime. My wife still has to buy my white tank top today.”

The Cubs begin an 11-game road trip in Miami against the Marlins on Thursday, then play in Cincinnati and New York before returning to Wrigley Field on July 4.