Kerry Wood comes down with flu bug

MILWAUKEE -- The Chicago Cubs had an off day on Monday, but they couldn’t get away from a flu virus.

Catcher Koyie Hill is trying to recover after losing 15 pounds over the weekend and Kerry Wood was so sick on Tuesday that he had to be removed from the team bus to Milwaukee.

Manager Mike Quade said Wood, who had stomach flu-like symptoms, stayed in Chicago under the care of team doctor Stephen Adams and was receiving intravenous treatment.

It’s unknown how long Wood will be out.

Also, Reed Johnson will likely miss Tuesday’s game with what may be a recurrence of back spasms.

“I’ll be real glad if we get out of here without anyone else getting sick,” Quade said.

No quit: Cubs manager Mike Quade maintains that the Cubs still have a chance to win the NL Central.

“Why not?” Quade said. “What are we, 11 games back? What if we win 10 out of 12? It’s an interesting division to be in in that situation. But I don’t know, is there 60 games left? So, what the hell, let’s go play them and see.”

The Cubs entered play on Tuesday 12 games behind both Pittsburgh and St. Louis and 11.5 behind Milwaukee. In order for Quade’s hopes to come true, let’s use the magic number of 87 wins. They would have to go 45-15, which doesn’t seem very realistic.

“Daunting task. Four clubs in front of you. And we haven’t played well, but why not, let’s go see,” Quade said. “I mean, why not, that’s all I can say. Time will take care of all the prognostication. I’m not a lunatic. I know there’s a lot of work ahead of us. But we play the right clubs. Let’s see if we can put something together.”

The Cubs’ next ten games are on the road against Milwaukee (three games), St. Louis (three games) and Pittsburgh (four games).

Quade also said he wouldn’t concern himself with the trade deadline and possible roster changes.

Meet the critics: Cubs outfielder Marlon Byrd got into a pre-game argument with a fan wearing a Cubs jersey who was behind the team's dugout.

The fan kept yelling at Byrd and his teammates that they suck. Byrd fired back, telling the fan that he was pathetic and that if he was a real Cubs fan he would be more supportive. Byrd also suggested the fan turn his jersey inside out if he wasn’t there to support the team. Byrd then went on to explain to the fan how hard he and his teammates work every day to get the job done.

Quade eventually worked his way over to the area where Byrd was stretching while talking with the fan as the conversation came to an end.