Cubs surpass 3 million fans again

Despite the 25th best record in baseball, the Chicago Cubs keep packing them in.

The team announced on Wednesday that it had surpassed 3 million fans for the eighth season in a row. Only the Angels, Cardinals, and Yankees can achieve that distinction this year.

To commemorate the mark, Donna Brookshire of Park City, Ill., was chosen as symbolic fan No. 3 million and threw out the ceremonial first pitch Wednesday before the Cubs faced the Brewers. She’s been attending Cubs games for 53 years.

The team could never put it together on the field, but you couldn’t tell it by the attendance. The Cubs had eight crowds of more than 42,000 people. The 42,374 mark on Aug. 20 against the Cardinals was the biggest crowd in 33 years. And the series against the Yankees from June 17-19 set the three-game series mark with 126,283 fans.