Old-style manager perfect fit for Cubs

CHICAGO -- As Theo Epstein, Jed Hoyer and Dale Sveum made their way down I-94 on Thursday, it marked a life-changing event for Sveum, who spent perhaps the most meaningful years of his professional life in the Milwaukee Brewers organization.

So, to mark his milestone, Sveum, the new manager of the Chicago Cubs, asked his new bosses stop in Racine. There was one important task he needed to complete before he left for fame and fortune in Illinois.

"He had to get measurements for a tux for the wedding he's in," said a bemused Epstein on Friday. "He's the best man for his (Milwaukee) clubbie's wedding. Then, we had to stop at a Men's Wearhouse to get that sports coat.

"He came out to talk to the Cubs and Red Sox about their manager's job and didn't bring a sports coat. It's funny, we went into this Men's Wearhouse in Racine and we walked in and the kid behind the desk goes, 'Please don't leave us Dale.' It was embarrassing."

Pardon the pun, but this isn't the Sveum old manager you're used to, Cubs fans. Sveum is a straight-talking, tattooed, hard-nosed guy who doesn't put on airs or formal attire. He isn't worried about trading quips, or living in the past.

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