Boras: It takes more than 3 to get Fielder

A report that Prince Fielder may take a three-year deal at $26 million per season was shot down by his agent Scott Boras.

"Not only is that inaccurate and delusional, but it seems that some people have gotten into their New Year's Eve stash just a little bit early this year," Boras told ESPNChicago.com on Tuesday.

Apparently there are still upwards of six teams still interested in Fielder. Teams such as the Chicago Cubs and Los Angeles Dodgers would certainly be part of the bidding, although it's unclear how many years they would be willing to offer. Boas told ESPNChicago in November that bidding would start at seven years for Fielder, who is the highest profile free agent left on the market. However that was before Albert Pujols received a 10-year, $254 million contract from the Los Angeles Angels on Dec. 8.

Boras has stated all along that comparisons between the situations for Pujols and Fielder are totally different because Fielder is five years younger than Pujols.

"It appears some baseball people are just bored," Boras said. "That's when you hear ideas like that floated."