Q&A: Ohman on Dempster's all-time prank

Will Ohman (far right) believes the White Sox's black uniform makes him look slimmer. Kyle Terada/US Presswire

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Will Ohman has had a nice career with stops at both Wrigley and U.S Cellular field. I sat down for a chat with one of the funniest players in the game (just ask him).

Can you compare and contrast the difference between Cub and Sox fans?

WILL OHMAN: The jerseys are different. The black makes me look thinner. Cub fans tend to be there more for the atmosphere. Sox fans are there more for the game. Winning is the common denominator for both fan bases. They respond to good clubs.

Favorite teammate of all time?

WO: Juan Pierre. He is the hardest worker I have ever seen and the best person. He treats everyone with respect and class. He is just an incredible human being.

Who is the best player you have ever seen or played with?

WO: Besides me you mean? Can't give you just one. Greg Maddux and John Smoltz as well as Tom Glavine -- how lucky can you be to play with three Hall of Famers. I cannot forget Chipper Jones. Make that four Hall of Famers. I learned the most from Chipper and Greg, great approach by both guys who were generous with their insight about the game. Maddux was so smart when he gave an interview it was almost like a tutoring session. He is just so baseball bright.

What is Robin Ventura like to deal with?

WO: I think he is doing a great job of transitioning the role from player to manager. He treats everyone well but he has a confidence about him, not an arrogance but a certain style that guys have responded to. You know he is in charge but he does not have to reaffirm it. Ozzie(Guillen) talked a lot more –- made jokes, kept it light. They are just different people.

Who is the funniest man in the game?

WO: Ryan Dempster. No one close. I tried to out-think him once and paid the price. I super glued his zipper open on his baseball pants the day he was starting. I also put the laces in his shoes upside down. I thought I got him. The next day I am walking out to the bullpen before the game and the Brewers bullpen coach asked me to come into their pen. He said “does this belong to you?” right next to him was the front wheel from my sports car. Dempster also removed all four wheels and had me go on a search-and-seek mission to recover the other three. Don't mess with Ryan Dempster, funniest man on earth.