Ozzie considers Castro a future MVP

MIAMI -- The way Ozzie Guillen sees it, Starlin Castro will win an MVP one day.

The former Chicago White Sox Gold Glove winner and manager turned Miami Marlins skipper considers Castro to be not only one of the best players at his position in the game, but one of the fastest rising talents who will only get better.

It’s high praise from not only somebody that, didn't necessarily hit, but played the position at a high level but has been around some great shortstops in his time. He basically has two current greats at the position on his own team in Jose Reyes and Hanley Ramirez, who was moved to third base this season.

“Listen, if you can hit, you can win the MVP,” Guillen said when asked about Castro. “He can do a lot of things offensively. He has like what, seven stolen bases? He has power, he will hit for average. I hope he doesn’t beat out my third baseman. He has to work hard to beat out my third baseman.”

As for defense, Castro remains a work in progress. He already has four errors this season, including two throwing errors in a game over the weekend at St. Louis. But the way Castro stalks his position, Guillen believes the Cubs’ 22-year-old standout has what it takes to rise to a high level on defense.

“Are you going to have the full package right away from a player? You’d be blessed,” Guillen said. “This kid, you have to give him some time. He has a great arm, very good instincts. Is he going to make errors? Errors, you cut them with experience. There are good errors and bad errors. You have to cut the bad errors, the mental errors.

“Physically he will be there. He’s so talented and will get balls that nobody will get. He might throw the ball to the wrong bases. That comes with the experience. But I think this kid will be fine.”