Robin Ventura, White Sox ponder replay regret

DETROIT -- Less than 24 hours after a non-challenge that could have prolonged Chicago’s series opener with the Detroit Tigers on Friday, White Sox manager Robin Ventura admitted that the team missed one.

“I think we all missed it,” Ventura said Saturday before his team's second game with the Tigers at Comerica Park. “You move on. With 20-20 hindsight you’d like to change it, but we left that one out there.

“You can go out there and do it, but you also haven’t seen anything that would really change it,” Ventura added. “You can just go out there and throw one away, too.”

With the game tied 1-1 in the bottom of the ninth inning, Detroit’s Nick Castellanos led off with a hit to right field that got by Avisail Garcia. Castellanos raced to second and avoided a tag attempt by Alexei Ramirez at second base on a close play.

Pinch-runner Andrew Romine later scored on a hit by Jose Iglesias through a drawn-in infield to end the game.

“We got at the point when you get the feeds, it’s what you see,” Ventura said about the replay of Ramirez's tag. “Later on there’s a different feed. At that point, and you’ve already kind of made up your mind, if you’re standing out there and go back in, there’s a time limit at that point.”

Ventura did come out of the dugout and went back before issuing a challenge.

He came out again after Romine was announced as the pinch runner to try and challenge, but the umpires ruled that the play was over and therefore a challenge could not be made.

The Tigers’ telecast was able to slow down the replay and showed definitively that Ramirez did tag Castellanos.

“We didn’t get it at that time,” Ventura said. “Again, you feel like you miss it. If I felt it was close enough, I probably would have gone out and done it.

“We left it out there,” Ventura added. “That’s the way it’s come across right now.”

Just as Ventura was about done with the subject, Chicago’s television crew walked into the news conference.

“I’m the one that said he missed it. I told the guys I was the one that said it,” broadcaster Ken Harrelson said.

“Detroit has the technology in their truck to slow it down,” broadcaster Steve Stone said. “Our truck does not have that technology. Even though we had the same angle as Detroit did, when they slowed it down and it showed the tag on the guy’s foot before he went up and all we showed was the miss on it.”

Petricka on track: Ventura said reliever Jake Petricka won’t be available Sunday when his team wraps up the series with the Tigers.

Petricka, who has been on the 15-day disabled list with a forearm strain retroactive to March 27, is scheduled to make another appearance with Triple-A Charlotte on Saturday.

“It was good; he threw well,” Ventura said of the right-hander’s performance in his first appearance Thursday. “All things are a go at this point for him to throw (Saturday) and we’ll re-evaluate after you see that.”

Petricka pitched one inning and struck out one on Thursday with Charlotte. He allowed two runs on five hits in 4 2/3 innings in five spring-training appearances.

“He’s a good right-handed, ground-ball guy,” Ventura said. “He’s spent some time as the closer. I think last year was a big learning curve for him to be able to get back and hopefully get another arm in there that’s a quality.”

In his rookie season last year, Petricka was 1-6 and had 14 saves with a 2.96 earned-run average.

Petricka is expected to be Chicago’s main right-handed setup man for closer David Robertson.

“You pitch him when you need to pitch him. That’s why he’s out there,” Ventura said when asked if he would go to Petricka in pressure situations when he returns. “He’s been through enough already that you’re able to put him in there. It’s not we’re going to ask him to go three and four innings. When you bring him in, it’s no different than anyone else. He’s trying to get an out.”