Adding Fielder could push out Konerko

Add Paul Konerko to the price it would cost the White Sox to add Prince Fielder to the roster for the remainder of the season.

No, Konerko wouldn’t be included in a potential deal with the Milwaukee Brewers. The thinking goes like this:

If the White Sox deal Gordon Beckham, and maybe even John Danks or Gavin Floyd to get Fielder (certainly Daniel Hudson), it doesn’t figure that he would be a two-plus month rental player. The White Sox would then likely give Fielder the potential $16 million he would command as an arbitration-eligible player next season.

That means they probably would not re-sign the free-agent-to-be Konerko after this year. Then add the $4.3 million Fielder is due this year and he is starting to become one expensive slugger.

That price only goes up even more after 2011 when Fielder will try to fetch well over $100 million for five seasons on the free-agent market.

All that cost in terms of salary, proven players, even a team mainstay in Konerko, would leave anything less than a World Series title this year or next a disaster.

Then again, Konerko might be gone whether the White Sox get Fielder or not.