Beckham to enlist Greg Walker's help

CHICAGO -- It looks like former Chicago White Sox hitting coach Greg Walker will be coming to the rescue of Gordon Beckham.

Walker doesn't have magic healing solutions for Beckham and the broken bone in his hand, nor will he be offering hitting advice, but Walker will help his former pupil to walk down the aisle this fall. When Beckham gets married in November, Walker will be one of the groomsmen.

"Gordon called me and asked me to be a groomsman and I told him that I thought 53-year-olds were too old to be doing that but he insisted so we'll be at that wedding this winter," Walker said Saturday on ESPN Chicago 1000's "Talkin' Baseball."

Beckham said that with his fiancée deciding to have 15 bridesmaids, he had to come up with a number to match.

"In terms of great friends, that was about all I had," Beckham said. "That was the cutoff."

The wedding party will also include Paul Konerko and former White Sox infielder now current Kansas City Royals second baseman Chris Getz.

Walker's inclusion made perfect sense. Not only did the two work together for years on the South Side, but Beckham is marrying the daughter of Scott Fletcher, who is Walker's assistant hitting coach with the Atlanta Braves.

"He was a little shocked in the beginning to be honest, but he was a big part of my life and still is," Beckham said of Walker. "We used to be around each other a lot more. He's a guy from Georgia that I care about and wanted him up there.

"He said 'Are you serious?' And I said, ‘Yeah I am.' He said 'Aren't I a little old to be doing that?' And I said 'No, you're just the right age.' He made a joke that he's always the life of the party so I told him that's why we needed him there. It'll be fun."