Ventura won't be 'kindergarten' cop

CHICAGO -- Chicago White Sox manager Robin Ventura moved to distance himself from a curious play in Sunday’s defeat to the Minnesota Twins.

In the fourth inning with the left-handed hitting Adam Dunn at the plate, Alex Rios attempted to steal third base. Not only did Dunn strike out, but Rios was thrown out on the double play to end the inning.

“He was just going; it was just one of those where he did it,” Ventura said. “I'd rather that not happen. If he's going to steal he needs to know he needs to get it. I had nothing to do it.”

At first glance it appeared as if Ventura put on the play as a gamble to kick start a floundering offense.

Despite Rios’ bad idea, Ventura said he won’t be telling his players when they need to stay put on the base paths.

“He's probably trying to make something happen,” Ventura said. “Again, when it goes bad you can look at a bunch of different things and that’s just one of those things of guys trying to make something happen. I still want to him to have the freedom to go out there and play and play hard and think the game and do everything.

“It's always hard when you lose. It’s never easy, but it's not a time to sit here and start shutting people down. It's not kindergarten. They just have to go out and play hard and keep playing.”