Early Sox slump not worrying GM Hahn

CHICAGO -- Although the Chicago White Sox have the worst record in the American League Central, there is no sign of panic from their new general manager.

“It is easy to overreact or want to do something based upon the fact we have gotten off to a slow start,” said first-year GM Rick Hahn. “If you take a step back and look at the fact we are just one game, at this time, off of last year’s pace, you are confident things will progress.”

Injuries to key players and some major offensive and defensive malfunctions have resulted in a 14-18 record going into Friday’s game. The Sox are last in runs scored in the American League and near the bottom of the league in almost every hitting statistic.

“We’re a team that was fourth in the league in runs scored last year and now we are dead last,” Hahn said. “There is reason to believe we are not out of this thing at this point, but there is significant room for improvement that is likely to happen on the offensive side of things.”

Hahn would not use the injuries to Dayan Viciedo and Gordon Beckham as an excuse for the sometimes shoddy play of his club on defense. Last year the Sox made the fewest errors in the league with 88.

“That is a part of the game. Lots of teams have injured players,” he said. “Offensive slumps are going to happen, there are usually one or two guys not hitting for a given period of time. We have had six or seven guys in those kinds of slumps. The defense is surprising considering how good we were last year. That part has been frustrating because you don’t expect a defensive lapse from a good defensive team.”

Don’t expect Hahn to make any knee-jerk trades because of any lack of faith in his club.

“Our intent from the beginning was that at some point we would be a buyer,” he said. “We continue to have our pro scouts out there looking and talking through ideas. At the same time it will be nice to get some of our injured players back. Trades will not be dictated by speculation, it will be a function of how we play on the field. In the coaches room and the clubhouse the thinking is we are going to turn this around and we are going to be in this thing all summer and at the end.”