No plans for MRI on Chris Sale

CHICAGO -- No MRI exam is in the works for pitcher Chris Sale, who was scratched from his outing Wednesday because of tendonitis in his left posterior shoulder.

While there is concern, there does not seem to be panic among the White Sox organization that the soreness is more than a temporary nuisance.

Sale is under orders to avoid baseball activity for the time being, but he still is being aimed at his next start, which would take place Tuesday. He figures to have a bullpen session over the weekend.

"With him skipping a start, it's one of those where he was voicing concerns about his shoulder being a little sore," manager Robin Ventura said. "I don't know if it's overreacting, but it's being very cautious of how we handle him going forward. It's something that hasn't come up before, so let's take care of it now."

With John Danks set to return to the rotation as early as Friday, the White Sox will be adding to their starting depth, but Ventura said he is only willing to go five starters at a time. He’s not even interested in using a sixth starter possibly once a month to get guys like Danks and Sale a breather every once in a while.

"We talked about it, but I don't want to do that," Ventura said. "I think they're better off going five and going from there. I don't see us doing that."

Sale, 24, is the most valuable piece of the starting rotation, but Ventura isn't making rash decisions just because his staff ace was feeling a little discomfort.

"If anybody mentions something like [what Sale mentioned], you're going to be careful," Ventura said. "I'm sure that if any of them had the same issue that the same thing would've happened. With Chris being young and as good as he's been his last few starts, it seems different, but you handle everybody the same way if there are concerns that if he's going to go out there he's going to make it worse."

With 64 innings pitched over the White Sox's first 44 games, Sale was on pace for 236 innings this season, well over his career high of 192 innings last year.

In June of last year, when Sale experienced elbow discomfort, the White Sox were able to give him a day or two extra between starts. Ventura will take that under consideration for this season as well.

"I think that will happen probably to everyone where they get an extra day here and there," he said. "Again, it goes by how everyone is feeling, how you handle it. We do the same thing for any of them if they're in the same situation."