Tote board: Odds for new Sox closer

The Chicago White Sox will need a new closer now that Matt Lindstrom is on the disabled list, so in the spirit of horse racing's Triple Crown season, we will break down the contenders to win this particular race.

Ronald Belisario

Post Position: 1; Right-handed; Weight: 240; Trainer: Don Cooper; Odds: 2-to-1

Primed to finally step up in class after inconsistent performances in recent years out west. Seven consecutive scoreless appearances and has not allowed an earned run in 12 games (17 ⅓ innings). Solid, two-inning outing in last appearance but might not be available immediately.

Jake Petricka

Post Position: 2; Right-handed; Weight: 205; Trainer: Don Cooper; Odds: 4-to-1

Showing comfort at this level in each outing, but still might be too soon to be counted on as the everyday closer. Earned maiden save Monday night with a pickoff at second and a groundout. Only 33 major league appearances, so inexperience still a concern.

Javy Guerra

Post Position: 3; Right-handed; Weight: 190; Trainer: Don Cooper; Odds: 6-to-1

Has performed at this role in the past with Dodgers: 21 saves in 23 chances in 2011. Hasn't pitched at this level this year and had just nine major league games in 2013 while pitching mostly at Triple-A. Last saved a major league game in 2012.

Zach Putnam

Post Position: 4; Right-handed; Weight: 225; Trainer: Don Cooper; Odds: 6-to-1

Multiple opportunities at this level with Indians, Rockies, Cubs and now White Sox. Looks to have finally found a comfort zone this season. Big reason why White Sox bullpen has turned it around so quickly this year. Might not be overpowering enough to get the closer call right now.

Daniel Webb

Post Position: 5; Right-handed; Weight: 215; Trainer: Don Cooper; Odds: 8-to-1

Another right-hander with good stuff, but limited experience. Just 26 appearances at this level, but last nine have been impressive (1.64 ERA in 11 innings). Could use time in a set-up role before advancing to closer. Nice future, but at this time, other options weigh heavier.

Scott Downs

Post Position: 6; Left-handed; Weight: 220; Trainer: Don Cooper; Odds: 10-to-1

Tons of experience here, not to mention a huge rebound of late from a disappointing start. Love the Louisville, Kentucky, roots and the fact that his name is "Downs." As the bullpen's only left-handed option, though, team is better served keeping the veteran as a situational guy.

Frank Francisco

Post Position: 7; Right-handed; Weight: 250; Trainer: Don Cooper; Odds: 20-to-1

Another entry with tons of experience, especially at closer. A total of 73 career saves suggests a pedigree to get the job done, but recent efforts say he isn't ready to rise to the occasion at the present time. More appearances needed before getting another chance to close.

ALSO ELIGIBLES: Hector Noesi (when Chris Sale returns from the DL); David Purcey (two saves at Charlotte); Mitchell Boggs (one save at Charlotte).