Flowers' adventure recalls 'Major League'

Tyler Flowers knew his wife was in labor by the sixth inning of Monday's game. Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

CHICAGO -- Tyler Flowers was back in the starting lineup Wednesday, after a wild opening to the week, where he just managed to squeeze in Monday’s Chicago White Sox game before the birth of his second child.

That towering drive Flowers hit right along the left field foul pole Monday that ultimately was ruled foul came after Flowers had already heard his wife was admitted to a downtown hospital while in labor. The fly ball that hit the facing of the suite level went under replay review by the umpires, but the foul call was not overturned.

“I knew like in the sixth (inning) that it was pretty much time to go,” Flowers said. “That’s why I was really hoping they would correct that (home run) call because it would put me in a good spot to where I was maybe coming out of the game. When that didn’t happen, I was, ‘I hope she can hold out a little bit,’ and she did. A bunch of the (players’) wives were there helping her out.”

Immediately after Monday’s game ended, Flowers left the field and was on his way.

“There was a whole system set up once I came in here like drop all my stuff, dress quick, golf cart (to the parking lot), all sorts of stuff,” Flowers said.

He did not go to the hospital in his White Sox uniform, but one teammate was trying to convince him to do it.

Paul (Konerko) was talking to me about it,” Flowers said. “He wanted me to go Jake Taylor-style. He was like, ‘I’ll get the bullpen car ready.’”

“Jake Taylor” was in reference to the lead character in the baseball movie “Major League.” Taylor, played by actor Tom Berenger, leaves the stadium in his Cleveland Indians uniform and drives the bullpen car, shaped like a baseball, through town to reunite with his ex-girlfriend.

Flowers’ drive to Northwestern Memorial Hospital was no less adventurous.

“One red light the whole way, it was unreal,” Flowers said. “Every light I came to was green, green, green. No traffic, nothing. ... The one red light, I thought about (inching through) it, but it was a major intersection. ‘Maybe I should wait for this one.’”

A mere 37 minutes after the last out, Flowers made it to the hospital and was there 10 minutes before his son, Brantley, arrived.

“We really didn’t think it would happen (Monday) but it all worked out really great, except for her having to hold it the whole game,” Flowers said. “Other than that, it was amazing.”