Guillen: No contract extension required

ANAHEIM, Calif. -– In an effort to clear this up once and for all, here it is: Ozzie Guillen never said he wanted a contract extension.

That’s it. In simple English. Contrary to what people may think or insist they know, there was no demand to add more years on his current deal that has one more year remaining plus a team option in 2012.

There was plenty of confusion to go around in headlines and stories, including some on this website.

Would Guillen want an extension? Sure he would. Is he demanding one? Sorry, no.

Guillen addressed the subject yet again before Friday’s game between the Angels and White Sox.

“It’s a funny thing because when I read or listen to people talk [they] say, ‘He has another year [on his contract],’” Guillen said. “Or people on the radio say I asked for an extension. I never did, I never will. The only reason you ask for an extension is if you don’t have a contract. But I do have one.”

This all stemmed from a USA Today story earlier this week that said Guillen alerted people in the organization he might announce his resignation from the club at the end of the season. One paragraph later it said Guillen changed his mind.

The day the story appeared, Guillen said he would like to know where he stands in the organization. He reiterated that Friday, and moved to clarify one more time that he did not ask for a contract extension.

What he would like to do is find out as soon as possible where he stands.

“I will address it as quickly as I can,” Guillen said. “I don’t want my players to listen to this every day. I don’t want my kids and my wife to go through this, to ask what’s going on. … I just want to be back in the right mood and have fun and manage and compete. That’s all I want.”

As for general manager Kenny Williams, he said that from a team perspective, it is being viewed as if Guillen has two more years remaining on his contract. That second year is yet to be guaranteed, though.

“I am not planning on making a managerial change before next season,” Williams told the Chicago Tribune. “That said, with one more year left on his contract and another [for 2012] with the team option, if those are terms he's no longer happy with, [Jerry Reinsdorf and] I understand and respect him enough to let him out of his deal.”

At least on that point, Williams and Guillen appear to be on the same page.

“Kenny’s right,” Guillen said. “I got a one-year contract. I don’t say he was wrong. I didn’t ask for another one. … If I don’t like what they say, that’s my decision to make about staying or not. That’s how it is, or it’s the decision for them to make, too. And we see what’s going on. But I don’t blame anyone for him saying what he says. I say what I say. But I make it very clear, I never, never asked for an extension. I never did.”

Guillen has a wife and three sons to think about, and they figure to play an important of a role in this.

“This is the team I want to be [with] the rest of my life,” Guillen said. “But this is a business. But no, I don’t worry about anything. Most of the stuff is about my family. Most of the stuff is about what we’re up to, what’s our plan. I got a family to take care of.

“I plan to stay in Chicago in the winter. No matter what, I will stay in Chicago. And that’s why I want to make sure when we start making plans for our family. And if people don’t believe in family, well, I believe in family. I think my family is more important than baseball, and it always going to be.”