Peavy's return date coming into focus

At least this much was revealed Friday about Jake Peavy's return to the rotation: General manager Kenny Williams said he doesn’t expect the right-hander to be out of action past April.

Some estimates this winter had Peavy possibly not rejoining the rotation through May.

On the first day of SoxFest when the club made news by announcing Ozzie Guillen’s option would be picked up for the 2012 season, Peavy was one of the other big topics of interest.

Peavy has been in limbo ever since undergoing surgery to reattach a muscle under his shoulder last summer. A pitcher has never returned from a fully detached latissimus dorsi muscle.

“He sent me a text a couple of days ago,” Williams said. “I’m still formulating my reply.”

The reason Williams is waiting is because he doesn’t know the right words to tell the determined Peavy that the preferred plan moving forward is to take things slow. He isn’t sure how to tell the confident Cy Young winner that even though he might feel fine, things will probably move slower than he wants them to.

“He’s very optimistic and he’s very positive and we are going to be very judicious in how we formulate a plan for him,” Williams said.

Peavy, though, is telling anybody who will listen that he has a chance to be ready by Opening Day.

“Just the little bit I’ve talked to him it sounds like he’s doing really well,” John Danks said. “He’s throwing and is getting back. The sooner the better because a healthy Jake is a huge boost.”

It’s just that not everybody is subscribing to that sooner-the-better theory.

“He’s going to absolutely have to prove he’s healthy and ready to go out,” Williams said. “We want a full season and healthy season, not only for Chicago, the White Sox this year, but for next year’s White Sox team and I don’t know how many years are left on his contract.”