Is Walker back on the hot seat?

DETROIT – On Saturday afternoon, White Sox hitting coach Greg Walker defended his charges saying the negative reaction to the team’s poor offense has been an overreaction.

Since he spoke those words, the White Sox have gone scoreless for 18 consecutive innings (20 overall) while facing Tigers starters Brad Penny and Max Scherzer.

It’s become an annual event to assess Walker’s place on the hot seat, which could have been a reason the longtime member of the organization said he needed some time away from the game this past offseason to decide if he would return for 2011.

Things haven’t changed and manager Ozzie Guillen addressed the subject after Sunday’s defeat.

“That’s going to happen,” Guillen said. “The worst thing about coaching or managing in baseball is that your job is always related to what people do. In basketball you can get people in or out and in football you can control offense or defense. In baseball you put nine guys in and they play.

“When people play well we’re the best coaches. When we’re not [playing well] everybody wants our heads. We went through it before and I’m not surprised it’s happening again. All we can do is to keep working to try to help those guys do the best they can and hopefully they come out of it.”