Sox not keen on a Peavy move to bullpen

MINNEAPOLIS -- Tuesday’s rain delay and subsequent postponement against the Twins at least gave the Chicago White Sox an opportunity to settle some business.

Manager Ozzie Guillen said he talked to general manager Kenny Williams and the White Sox will likely take a pass on Jake Peavy’s offer to pitch out of the bullpen.

Just a few hours earlier Tuesday, shortly after Peavy had a brief throwing session to test his right groin strain, the right-hander said he would be willing to go to the bullpen when he came off the disabled list if it helped to decide what five pitchers would stay in the rotation.

“We did talk to Kenny about it,” Guillen said. “Kenny wasn’t too sure about that. We appreciate but I think it’s too early to concern ourselves about bullpen stuff [with Peavy]. We appreciate that because he wants to help. But right now I think everything was just worry about we put it up to Kenny and he say get him healthy and get him back here. Then we make the decision when he comes [back].”

The meeting between Guillen and Williams came about because without being asked about returning from the DL as a reliever, Peavy offered it anyway.

“If I need to go to the bullpen to help out there,” Peavy said. “We’ve got five starters doing their thing, I certainly think I can be a leader in the rotation as well and be as good as these guys have been, but I’ll do whatever it takes because there is no weak link right now on the team.”

It goes to show that while he is as fiery a competitor as they come, Peavy still thinks of the team first, even if his propensity to pitch through injuries seems to suggest otherwise.

“We have to go six-man [rotation] or 10-man [we will], but right now we are going to wait,” Guillen said. “We can’t put this guy at something in our mind and all of a sudden we do something different.”

Peavy just wants to get back in any capacity that he can. He still kicks himself for suffering his groin strain during his outing June 5 against the Tigers. He gave up six runs in the fourth inning and the White Sox lost to what Peavy considers the strongest team in the division along with the White Sox.

“I love our pitching and I think we’ve been about as steady as we can be,” Peavy said. “Our offense, with [Adam] Dunn getting going and [Alex] Rios starting to show signs, I think we’ve got enough. We certainly have enough talent to win the [American League] Central, but we certainly got our work cut out for us with Detroit, as good as they are, Cleveland and this team [the Twins] and Kansas City. We’ve got a tough division.”