Sox getting no practice to make perfect

MINNEAPOLIS -- Four days without batting practice on the field is no way to get a roller-coaster offense in a groove.

The White Sox last took BP on the field Saturday evening at home. They normally don’t take batting practice before day games and that was the case Sunday for the homestand finale. Monday was an off day and rain halted their pregame hitting in Minnesota both Tuesday and Wednesday.

In the ultimate dose of bad timing, the Twins got in a full batting practice session on the field Wednesday before dark clouds moved in and rain began almost immediately after they finished. The rain lasted right up until the time the field needed to be prepared for the game.

“Especially when you go on the road, you want a [good] feel,” manager Ozzie Guillen said. “But you can do nothing about it. Id rather the team hit on field than [indoor batting] cage. I’m not a big fan of the cage.”

Adam Dunn came out of the dugout for batting practice, saw the dark clouds and let out a groan of frustration. Dunn has never taken a swing at Target Field and was told the park had an optical illusion that made it seem as if the mound was not centered.

Dunn said that Coors Field in Denver also plays tricks on his mind in a similar way so at least he is familiar with the situation. While others rave that it is a hitters’ park, Dunn said that’s not the case for him.

The offense had been showing signs of life on the homestand.

“I think [Alex] Rios swinging the bat better,” Guillen said. “Dunner he’s not too far away to click. Hopefully that won’t get to him [by not taking batting practice].”