White Sox getting Dunn ready for Wrigley

DENVER –Adam Dunn might not be performing well, but he can’t say he isn’t loved by his new organization.

The White Sox are bending over backward for Dunn at the moment, despite the .173 batting average and the seven home runs and 32 RBIs at the halfway point of the season.

There is obvious motive for the White Sox as they do all they can to get Dunn feeling comfortable heading into the weekend series at Wrigley Field.

Dunn’s 25 career home runs and 46 RBIs at Wrigley are his most in any visiting ballpark.

Apparently knowing that, the White Sox gave Dunn 80 pitches against minor leaguers Wednesday and let him start over Paul Konerko on Thursday. Manager Ozzie Guillen then said that Dunn might play in two of the three games this weekend, once for Konerko and once for Carlos Quentin in right.

“Wrigley Field is easy, he can play right field,” Guillen said. “[In Colorado] I don’t want him playing right field because the gap is too big for him to be chasing balls. I plan for him to play maybe two games. I try to figure out how to do it.”