Sox's Humber shrugs at All-Star snub

CHICAGO -- Philip Humber said Sunday that he had no issue with not making the American League All-Star team, but come on, this one had to hurt.

Jake Peavy said that hearing that Humber had been an All-Star snub completely ruined his day.

“I’m sorry his day was ruined,” Humber said. “But coming from a guy like that, that’s a huge compliment to think that he’s watched me all year and partially he’s the reason why I had the opportunity. He’s one of the guys who has been very supportive of me and has tried to help me as much as he can.”

Peavy has been of assistance to Humber in more ways than one. First, it was his injury form last season and subsequent surgery that opened a starting spot in this year's White Sox’s rotation for Humber to grab.

And whenever he could, Peavy was offering Humber advice in the big picture, as well as moment-to-moment if needed.

And Peavy wasn’t alone in his disappointment. As amazing as it sounds, Humber has pitched even better than his 8-4 record and 2.69 ERA would indicate. He has made 17 appearances this season, 15 of those as a starter.

“When you really start to look at it, there are guys with some really good numbers out there that get left off. Especially when it’s your own team, it doesn’t make sense (with) a guy like Phil,” said Paul Konerko, who was an All-Star snub himself.

Carlos Quentin earned the Sox's only All-Star honor thus far, but Konerko is one of five players who can still be voted in by fans.

Peavy thought the All-Star honor for Humber would have done even that much more for his confidence. But the breakout right-hander seems to have the mental side worked out just fine.

“It’s nice to even be in the discussion,” said Humber, who had just two major-league victories before this year over five seasons. “That’s an honor for sure to have people think you’re pitching well enough to be considered for that. But for me I’m here with this team and trying to do the best I can to help win ball games.”

Humber could still end up being a last-minute roster replacement. As many as three American League pitchers could wind up pitching next Sunday and baseball rules prohibit those pitchers from participating in the All-Star Game. They are still considered All-Stars but they can be replaced on the roster.

If that happens, great, but Humber still isn’t too worried about it.

“I was just really happy for Carlos and I thought we should have maybe had another guy on there,” Humber said. “Paulie is deserving and he’s on the final vote but there are a few other guys in this room who are having good years. But the main thing for us is having the respect of your teammates and that means more to us than anything outside.”