Dunn, Rios vow to ride to Sox's rescue

CHICAGO -- There have been many dynamic duos that have saved the day like Batman and Robin, Starsky and Hutch, Michael and Scottie.

Adam Dunn and Alex Rios would like to join the list, but for now they rank about has high as Hall and Oates.

The two struggling White Sox sluggers got to talking recently and made a pact, which is how all good rags-to-riches stories should begin.

“Me and Alex talked about it, and we’re putting it all on us in the second half basically,” Dunn said.

Ultimately, it may not go down in history like Babe Ruth’s called shot or Joe Namath’s Super Bowl prediction, but give Dunn and Rios credit, they are well aware of what has been ailing the White Sox.

“We still have some guys, me included, that are struggling and when we get them back we’ll have a totally different team,” Rios said. “The only thing we can do is to keep playing hard and wait until that happens. If we get everybody back we’ll have a different team.”

Dunn was carrying a .164 batting average after Friday’s 8-5 defeat to the Minnesota Twins, while Rios was at .214. They had combined for 55 RBIs. Paul Konerko had 65 by himself.

Yet Dunn showed flashes of what he can do in the first inning Friday. He crushed a two-run home run over 400 feet into the seats in right field. He then went out and struck out his next two times to the plate.

Rios had an RBI double in the same inning as Dunn’s home run so they have started to work in concert, albeit ever so slightly.

“The good thing is that our pitching’s got us to where we are today,” Dunn said. “Without what they’ve done we’re not even in contention in the ballpark.

“So for us to be where we’re at and our offense not doing – well I mean it’s basically been carried by three or four guys all year long – hopefully we’re going to find kind of our swagger after the All-Star break and keep getting solid pitching.”