Ozzie wants MLB to make museum visit mandatory

DETROIT -- It might have been a Negro Leagues Tribute Game at Comerica Park on Saturday, but for manager Ozzie Guillen, it’s a Negro Leagues road trip.

Next up for the White Sox after Detroit is a visit to Kansas City, home to the Negro Leagues Museum.

“Major League Baseball [and the] American League should make it not optional, make guys go see the Negro League Museum in Kansas City,” Guillen said. “They should make them do that. They should make them go there and find out the real history of the game and the great thing about baseball. I don’t know why they’re not doing it.”

The White Sox visited the museum as a team in 2006 and Guillen says he goes at least once every year. And if MLB doesn’t want to make the museum visit mandatory then Guillen thinks the Players Union should.

Guillen also suggested players help the museum financially.

“First of all, help them with the museum and we can see what those guys went through to make us make a lot of money,” Guillen said. “Every time I go there, I take my family there. Every year I stop by and have lunch out there. It’s a beautiful thing to see.”

A fan of the history of the game, Guillen also was engaged in a discussion over what players should be in the Hall of Fame and asked why Lou Whitaker and Alan Trammell haven’t had their numbers retired by the Tigers.

But Saturday was all about the Negro Leagues. Guillen seemed genuinely proud to be wearing a replica Chicago American Giants uniform, even if the baggy dark blue with white pinstripe combination did make him and his players look a little heavier.

Now if a day like this only got people to go to the Negro Leagues Museum.

“Little by little, you see the real roots and how much fun it was,” Guillen said. “I say that in 2006, I think MLB should have the rule that we have to stop by. Everybody that goes by Kansas City has to have a bus before you go to the ballpark and stop by about an hour, two hours. You will learn a lot and appreciate what you do right now.”