Ozzie has man crush on Halos' Bourjos

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Even if he wasn’t a fan of small ball, Ozzie Guillen would still probably be in love with the Angels’ Peter Bourjos.

Asked Wednesday if Bourjos is the dream player for small ball, Guillen couldn’t stop with the praise of the speedster, but did it in his own Guillen way, of course.

“Oh my god, he can be my favorite player,” Guillen said. “I’ve never seen a white man that can run that fast. It is really impressive.”

With Bourjos on first base Tuesday night, Torii Hunter hit a single to left field. All it took was a bobble from left fielder Juan Pierre and Bourjos scored with ease.

The moment the ball was hit, Guillen said that bench coach Joey Cora was filled with panic. When he looked up and saw Bourjos flying around the bases he knew he was seeing something unique.

“That man might be the fastest person in baseball right now,” Guillen said. “I like players like that. This kid came along, hit a few home runs and has been swinging the bat very good lately. I always follow people that make this game interesting. I don’t follow home-run hitters all that stuff, but people like that I do follow.”

The White Sox have drafted speed in recent years, selecting guys like Jered Mitchell and Keenyn Walker, but neither are said to be as fast as Bourjos.

“It’s nice to see the newcomers that make this game so exciting,” Guillen said. “I love it. I love it. Where do they find those guys? Where?”