Peavy 'run down' 13 months after surgery

CHICAGO – Jake Peavy not only looks worn down, he admitted as much Wednesday not long after a six-run first inning from the Minnesota Twins spelled doom for the White Sox.

Just over a year since having his latissimus dorsi muscle reattached behind his right shoulder, Peavy is like a satellite dish in a rain storm: perfectly fine at one moment then haywire the next.

Typically Peavy’s troubles have started in the middle innings, but he has lost his touch as early as the third inning before. This time he had issues right from the outset as he couldn’t stop the Twins from directing balls into what was a launching pad to left field.

The Twins not only had six runs in the first inning, five of their six hits were for extra bases including home runs from Jason Kubel and Luke Hughes. Peavy found Kubel’s home run particularly disturbing.

“That ball to Kubel, he put his head down and was upset at himself” Peavy said. “If we get him out right there, I give up two runs in the first and then you strikeout [Danny] Valencia to end the inning, you give up two runs and we have a chance to win the game.”

Instead Kubel’s ball kept drifting, clearing Juan Pierre’s glove in left field by inches. The hits then kept coming.

But as quickly as Peavy found himself in trouble he turned things around. He retired 11 consecutive batters after Hughes’ home run, but the damage had been done.

“I feel fine it’s just my right arm,” Peavy said. “It’s just not back to how it always has been. I can’t wait to get to the winter. I talked to the doctors this morning. I’ve been going as hard as I could possibly go since August of last year with rehab and starting a throwing program.

“I’m run down. I’m ready to finish these last few starts strong and when the offseason does roll around to regroup and have a normal one.”

It’s not exactly the greatest news for a White Sox team that intends on making one last push to track down the Detroit Tigers atop the American League Central. The White Sox fell to six games behind after Wednesday’s defeat and open a three-game series at Detroit on Friday.

For some, there is a wonder what pitcher will show up from start to start. With Peavy the questions come inning by inning with a six-run beating that he experienced against the Twins capable of showing up at a moment’s notice.

“I love to compete; I competed as hard as I could today,” Peavy said. “A few of those balls on a normal day are not close to being a home run and we win that game. I know that's hard to look and see but that's just the way I look at it.

“I could have easily tucked my head between my legs after getting booed off the mound in the first and not competed but I can hold my head high walking out of here because I gave everything I had today.”