Guillen explains his latest Twitter rant

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen explained his Twitter outburst after Thursday night’s game saying that he wasn’t defending himself.

Instead, Guillen said he was calling out MLB Network analyst Harold Reynolds because he thought Reynolds reacted unfairly toward New York Mets manager Terry Collins.

“Thas all job is easy to judge manager from the studio,” was Guillen's exact tweet after arriving back to his hotel room after the game.

That was followed by: “U don’t know what happen.” Shortly thereafter he sent a third tweet saying, “I know I play the game.”

Guillen said he heard Reynolds knocking Collins after the Mets manager was critical of his players’ effort. It was a similar expression of disappointment Guillen himself had directed at his players after an extra-inning defeat to the Detroit Tigers on Wednesday.

Guillen was far from finished, tweeting at one point: “is my english was better I be doing what u doing lol but you guys can’t do what I doing or terry lol lol.”

He mentioned “Harold” in his last tweet of the night saying the former major leaguer “play very good and hard.”

Guillen clarified Friday that he was not only talking about Reynolds but defending Collins, whom he says he only knows in passing.

“I don’t know Terry Collins, a great baseball man, but I don’t know him personally,” Guillen said. “But when you hear those comments, that means he [should get] fired because he’s not a players’ manager. Then you ask for a guy’s head?

“I see what comment [Collins] made. That’s in diapers with the comments that I make. I know people are getting paid to criticize people but when you call for somebody’s head, that’s a different thing.”