Tampering concerns won't be pursued

CHICAGO -- If the Florida Marlins are guilty of tampering when it comes to recruiting Ozzie Guillen to manage their club, Chicago White Sox general manager Kenny Williams doesn’t sound like he will make a big deal of it.

Not only did the Marlins seem to have a deal already in place while Guillen was still a member of the White Sox, Guillen’s own website announced the move to Florida before the White Sox had completed Monday’s game. That was Guillen’s last as White Sox manager.

The post on Guillen’s website was taken down after about five minutes and has not reappeared as of Tuesday evening.

“Listen, some things in this game you have to live in the gray area on and that will just have to be one of them,” Williams said.

Major League Baseball, as well as other professional sports leagues, prohibit teams from discussing deals with players who are under contract with other teams. Conversations are still believed to take place privately.

“You know, last night when I walked into that room, that was the one question I had said in my mind ‘I hope nobody asks me that question,’” said Williams, who was trying to make his Monday night press conference about remembering Guillen and not about other club issues, including the upcoming manager search.