No answers for Dunn just a routine change

MILWAUKEE -- Just because Adam Dunn has avoided swinging a bat in the offseason doesn’t mean he's a couch potato in the winter.

General manager Kenny Williams clarified a misconception Tuesday when it comes to a player that was completely disappointing in 2011.

“He told you that he didn’t swing the bat a lot, he didn’t say he didn’t work out a lot,” Williams said. “Those are two different things. He does work out, but he does not swing the bat. That is expected to change.”

But the answers to Dunn’s struggles don’t figure to be as easy as heading to the batting cage instead of the driving range. Williams was asked what needs to happen to get Dunn back on track.

“I don’t know,” he said. “If I could tell you the answer to that we would have done that in June in July. It has to come from within. It has to come from him. It doesn’t disappear overnight. We’re talking about a guy with a long track record of success. I’m hopeful he clears his head and comes back ready to go.”

Williams looked back to Dunn’s emergency appendectomy during the first road trip of the season and wondered if things would have been different if that never happened.

“Before he had that surgery, he started the season and he looked pretty darn good and like he would have a big year,” Williams said, who was essentially basing that feeling on the opening series of the season at Cleveland.

“If anything, that tripped him up at the beginning of the season. Maybe it’s something as simple as that and getting into a rhythm and getting in better shape so he can play the field maybe a little more.”