Simmons' LeBron-to-Chicago theory

Sitting courtside for a live chat from Game 2 of the NBA finals, ESPN.com's Bill Simmons had a couple interesting thoughts on why LeBron James will be coming to Chicago. Here's the Sports Guy's take:

  • "LeBron repped by Leon Rose (CAA), Bosh repped by Henry Thomas (CAA). LeBron's mentor? Uncle Wes (aka, William Wesley)."

  • "This spring, Uncle Wes becomes a CAA agent for college/pro coaches. Quietly signed Boston assistant Tom Thibodeau a few weeks ago."

  • "Thibodeau = longtime mentor of Sec. of Education Arne Duncan (big Bulls fan, once Chi. supe of schools)."

  • "Duncan = buddies with boss Barack Obama (also a big Bulls fan, on record as hoping LBJ goes there), they play pickup hoops together all the time."

  • "Jerry Reinsdorf = Bulls owner and unabashed Obama suckup."

  • "Thibodeau signs with Wes. Never mentioned for vacant Bulls job until a few days ago. Gets it within 72 hours."

  • "Connect the Bulls dots: Lebron > Wes > Thibodeau > Duncan > Obama. You're telling me Obama/Duncan aren't quite possibly maybe a little bit involved with influencing in the LBJ Sweepstakes this summer if he becomes a Bull? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm."