Williams: Too early to make moves

CHICAGO -- Don’t expect Chicago White Sox General Manager Kenny Williams to perform any magic when it comes to making a change in his 25-man roster.

Like many of the people in the White Sox front office, Williams is dissatisfied with how his roster has played. But the question is, is he ready to make a move?

“Ask that question in a month,” Wiilliams said. “I’ll answer that question in another month.

“If I evaluate the team on what I’ve seen so far, it wouldn’t be such a great evaluation.”

Rumors have been surfacing for the last three months about the possibility of the White Sox attempting to acquire San Diego first baseman Adrian Gonzalez. Other teams known to be interested in Gonzalez are the Seattle Mariners and Boston Red Sox.

“I don’t think there’s anyone really prepared to make any deals right now,” Williams said. “Any interest expressed in any players who are impact guys has been done for some time.”

Williams has heard all the rumors, but from his position, knows better about the present trading culture.

“There really isn’t much substance to anything at this stage of the season,” he said. “Another 30 games and you’ll see some talk pick up.”

Williams observation of the White Sox start is somewhat the same as any typical Sox fan, in a word -- frustrated.

“When you have the personalities like the ones we have around here it’s tough to dial it back,” Williams said.

Williams said that his conversations with Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf have focused around one trouble spot.

“We’ve talked about the offense a little bit, but I probably talked more basketball than baseball with him in our last couple of conversations,” Williams said, while refusing to give anybody a scoop on what the Bulls owner may have told him about the Vinny Del Negro situation.

What disturbs Williams the most about the first 25 games of the season?

“The ‘W’ and the ‘L’ part of it,” he said. “I’ve seen too many ‘L’s”.