Trades seem inevitable for White Sox

CHICAGO -- After three dismal innings on Sunday, pitcher Mark Buehrle, like his teammates, is waiting for the other shoe to drop as it seems inevitable that Chicago White Sox management will start looking to trade the remaining players who contributed to the 2005 World Series team.

Paul Konerko, A.J. Pierzynski, Bobby Jenks and Buehrle will all be shopped in the near future by the Sox given the team's standing in the American League Central.

"We keep saying it's not too late, but as each week passes and we keep not winning games ... we're playing this Indian team where half of them are hurt and they get 10 runs against us," Buehrle said. "That's not acceptable. Three or four of their guys who are impact players are on the DL, and we can't beat them. We should beat teams like this."

I asked Buehrle if the pressure of losing and maybe being traded is getting to him or any of his teammates.

"No, I don't think guys are worried about it," Buehrle said. "It's one of those things that if it happens, it happens. You can't go out there and play sand think I'm going to get traded or there is a chance I'm going to get released, traded or sent down. If that day comes, pack your bag, go out there and try to help that team win."

The Texas Rangers and Philadelphia Phillies have had the most scouts looking at the White Sox the past three weeks. The Rangers have a strong interest in Pierzynski. They feel he can bring intangibles to bring them to the next level. The Phillies'bullpen is in need of a power arm with experience, and no one fits that role on the Sox better than Jenks, especially with the injuries to Phillies closer Brad Lidge.

Konerko's bat and presence would be welcome in Los Angeles as the Angels look to replace the injured first baseman Kendry Morales with another big RBI bat. Konerko has a full no-trade clause. Pierzynski's 10-and-5 no-trade rights kick in June 14. Buehrle's 10 and 5 kick in on July 9. Jenks has one year left in arbitration before he becomes a free agent.

With the June 14 date coming up for Pierzynski, he can be the first one dealt if and when the management group is ready to move on folding up shop for 2010.

  • The White Sox are 2-4 on this nine-game homestand.

  • The White Sox, who were down 6-2 to the Indians, overcame their largest deficit of the season in their 8-7 victory on Sunday. It was their 14th comeback win of the season.