Ozzie, players know changes are coming

White Sox general manager Ken Williams may be shaking up his roster soon. Ron Vesely/Getty Images

The edict of Chicago White Sox general manager Ken Williams that things have to change, and that moves have to be made, was heard loud and clear in the Sox clubhouse on Thursday morning.

“Myself, fans, players, every time a front-office person makes a decision, they don’t always like it,” Guillen said. “Meanwhile, they have a job to do, and they know what they’re doing.

“Sometimes you make moves that break fans’ hearts. Break manager’s hearts. Break the organization’s heart. You have to do what you have to do and think about the future.”

Right-handed pitcher Jake Peavy, who was acquired in a trade with the San Diego Padres last July, understands that when teams underachieve like this year’s White Sox, that it’s inevitable some players will be packing their bags before the season ends.

“Obviously something has to give,” Peavy said. “We’re all not turning a blind eye or a deaf ear. Something has to give. We’ve underachieved as a team, and as a whole organization, I could not imagine being in this situation at this point of the year.”

Captain Paul Konerko, an 11-year Sox veteran, understands that more than just the normal rumor mill is starting to permeate into the clubhouse.

“I learned at a young age [Konerko was traded twice before he turned 22] that people have jobs to do, and it’s definitely not personal, it’s business,” he said. “You’re definitely on a day-to-day basis. You have to block things out. You can’t have things weighing you down, whether it’s trades or contact talk. It can’t have a place in your day.

“This is a great job. It has a lot of perks, but you can get a call in an hour and they may tell you you’re playing across the United States, somewhere else.”

Konerko has a full no-trade in his contract. Catcher A.J. Pierzynski will have the ability to block a trade on Monday, as his 10-and-5 rights – 10 years in the majors and five with the same team -- kick in. Mark Buehrle’s 10-and-5 rights start July 9.

A major-league source confirms to ESPNChicago that although the Texas Rangers have serious interest in Pierzynski, the team’s extreme money problems convolute taking on any salary in a contract like Pierzynski. He’s still owed over $4 million in 2010, and he’s a free agent after the season.