Bengals 'worm' dance with Cincinnati police in (long) Running Man Challenge

CINCINNATI -- In what might be the longest Running Man Challenge to date, several Cincinnati Bengals teamed up with members of the Cincinnati Police Department to produce a dance video that started going viral on social media Monday.

In the 6-minute, 13-second video below, Bengals Jayson DiManche, Chykie Brown, Adam Jones and Carlos Dunlap are among those highlighted in a dance sequence that was shot on the Bengals' football practice fields adjacent to Paul Brown Stadium. Perhaps the most prominent of the Bengals dancers, though, is veteran defensive tackle Domata Peko. In the video, the 325-pounder shows off his agility when he pulls off the "worm" dance on the ground. Peko's dance moves even got the slo-mo treatment as he expertly flopped up and down off the ground while on his belly.

Since being drafted by the Bengals in 2006, Peko has become a fan favorite for his post-sack celebration, the "Belly Dance." He calls it an homage to his Syrian wife. The move was used often in 2015, as Peko recorded a career-high five sacks.

What's the Running Man Challenge, you ask?

It's a viral dance challenge started this spring that requires participants to do a new-school "running man" dance move (not to be confused with the original "running man") to the tune of "My Boo," the 1995 hit from the group Ghost Town DJs.

Recently, municipalities all over the country have gotten in on the challenge, with various city police agencies posting the videos and asking their counterparts in other places to post their own creative dances. Cincinnati's police challenged units in Cleveland and Pittsburgh and with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office (the county that houses Cincinnati).

The video is so long that it features multiple dance interludes featuring other songs, including Lil Wayne/Bobby Valentino's 2008 song "Mrs. Officer," and the 2016 chart-topper "All the Way Up," which features several hip-hop artists.

At the very end of the dance video, police Chief Eliot Isaac offers a message of hope.

"Cincinnati just officially killed the Running Man Challenge," he begins, before issuing challenges to other municipalities. "More importantly, I want to challenge everybody to put down the guns and speak out against violence."