Bengals' A.J. Green flying some of his teammates to SEC title game

CINCINNATI -- Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green will be standing on the sidelines of the SEC championship game in Atlanta on Saturday.

With the Bengals' game against the Pittsburgh Steelers scheduled for Monday night, Green, a former Georgia player, isn’t missing the rematch between Georgia and Auburn. Green played at Georgia from 2008-10 and lives in Atlanta in the offseason. He has been a vocal supporter of the university, donating two endowed scholarships in 2015.

Green set up a private flight to Atlanta on Saturday for himself and three of his teammates, although he was the only one who managed to snag a sideline pass. Former Georgia players Geno Atkins, Shawn Williams and Clint Boling also will join him.

Green, who signed a four-year, $60 million extension in 2015, is footing most of the bill. Some of his other teammates, former Auburn players C.J. Uzomah, Pat Sims and Carl Lawson, will not be joining them on the plane.

“Just Georgia guys,” Green said with a smile. “No Auburn guys allowed.”

It’s unclear if that was a rule from the beginning or a matter of circumstance.

Uzomah said by the time he asked Green if there was room on the plane, it was all full. He joked the flight couldn’t handle any more people due to the combined weight of Boling and Atkins, who both weigh 300 pounds.

Lawson and Uzomah briefly considered splitting the fare of a private plane between themselves, but considering both are on their rookie contracts, that idea didn’t last long.

The players will leave right after Saturday's practice and meetings and should be back by 9:30 that night, in time for Sunday meetings.

When asked for a prediction, Green wisely held back. Auburn beat Georgia, 40-17, in their meeting earlier this season.

“I don’t even know, I just hope we win,” Green said.