Reviewing Bengals' snap counts (defense)

On Thursday, we explored snap counts of the offensive players. Friday, let's turn toward the defense.

These numbers really only tell the story of how often individual players played this season, but they also can offer a glimpse of what to expect when the Bengals open organized team activities (OTAs) and training camp later this year. While many factors will go into position battles and playing time in 2014 -- not to mention the impact free agency and the draft could have -- you can still track some measure of a returning player's value based on how much time he spent on the field.

Take these numbers with a few grains of salt. Some players' snaps were purely the product of situations, meaning they were only on the field for specific plays and formations. Injuries also affected the numbers. Leon Hall's overall snap count will be down, but Dre Kirkpatrick's -- who saw a lot of action at cornerback with injuries to Hall and Terence Newman -- will be comparatively high. To help adjust for that, we have the players' per-game snap average in parentheses, which counts only games that player appeared in. These numbers include all regular-season games and the Bengals' one playoff game.

DEFENSIVE ENDS (counts from Pro Football Focus)

Carlos Dunlap: 999 (58.8 per game)

Michael Johnson: 976 (61 per game)

Wallace Gilberry: 548 (32.3 per game)

Margus Hunt: 170 (15.5 per game)

Robert Geathers: 22 (11 per game)


Domata Peko: 703 (41.4 per game)

Geno Atkins: 458 (50.9 per game)

Brandon Thompson: 434 (25.5 per game)

Devon Still: 132 (13.2 per game)

Christo Bilukidi: 5 (1.7 per game)


Vontaze Burfict: 1,102 (64.8 per game)

Rey Maualuga: 659 (47.1 per game)

James Harrison: 409 (25.6 per game)

Vincent Rey: 353 (22.1 per game)

Michael Boley: 67 (11.2 per game)

*Jayson DiManche: 47 (7.8 per game)

*J.K. Schaffer: 12 (6 per game)

*DiManche appeared in all 17 games on special teams, but only played defensively in six. Schaffer appeared in 10 games, but only played defensively in two.


Adam Jones: 1,052 (61.9 per game)

Terence Newman: 830 (63.8 per game)

Dre Kirkpatrick: 363 (25.9 per game)

Leon Hall: 276 (55.2 per game)

Brandon Ghee: 80 (13.3 per game)


George Iloka: 1,103 (64.9 per game)

Reggie Nelson: 1,044 (65.3 per game)

Chris Crocker: 559 (43 per game)

Taylor Mays: 203 (25.4 per game)

*Shawn Williams: 11 (5.5 per game)

*Williams appeared in all 17 games on special teams, but only played defensively in two.