Morning Stripes: Nugent wants to kick

For the last two weeks, proposed rule changes have dominated the NFL's non-free agent headlines.

The league has taken its share of criticism and support after it was reported the Competition Committee wants to figure out ways to ban the use of the N-word on the field. If a player says it to another, officials might soon penalize that player's team.

While that proposed change has generated a social firestorm extending to the world outside of football, another that's been debated this week has also provided intrigue. The league has been mulling the idea of moving point-after attempts from the 2-yard line to the 25, in an effort to make it less certain that a touchdown equals seven points. To many, the 20-yard field goal that currently comes with extra points has been considered too easy to make. There was talk at one point about eliminating the point-after tries altogether.

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis understands the value of attempting the relatively easy point-after field goal. Not all of them go in.

Early last season, the Bengals had one extra point blocked. Two years before, wind whipped one wide at Jacksonville. Kicker Mike Nugent, who was part of both misses, might have hated those results, but count him among those who also believe the field goal try still must be attempted whether its from 20 yards out or 43.

Nugent said as much Monday to Bengals.com's Geoff Hobson. That story is where we begin this edition of the Morning Stripes:

  • "I'd rather see it lengthened than abolished," Nugent said to Bengals.com about the possibility of having to kick longer point-after field goals. Across his nine-year career, Nugent has missed four point-after field goals. At 234-for-238, he boasts a 98.3 percent success rate following touchdowns.

  • Hobson also continued his breakdown this week of Bengals position groups. He started with defense Monday and moved over to offense Tuesday. Here's Bengals.com's take on Cincinnati's changing offense and the familiar faces that fill it.

  • The Cincinnati Enquirer's Paul Dehner Jr. also has a position group breakdown going on. He's looking at each individual position. As he winds down the offense, he takes a look at the offensive line here.