Infamous Browns jersey updated to include Johnny Manziel

Well ... this didn't take long.

That infamous jersey that lists all the Cleveland Browns starting quarterbacks since the team returned to play in 1999 has been updated to include Johnny Manziel's name -- and is hanging in a window in downtown Cleveland. It has a Santa hat, too.

Several folks tweeted a photo of the jersey. Here is one:

For the record, when Manziel takes the Browns' first snap this Sunday, he will become their 21st different starter since Art Modell took his team to Baltimore -- the most in the NFL in that time, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

It is also the 13th consecutive season the Browns will use at least two different starting quarterbacks in a season.

Finally, it is the seventh time in 16 seasons they will have started a rookie: Manziel, Brandon Weeden, Colt McCoy, Charlie Frye, Luke McCown, Spergon Wynn and Tim Couch.

None of the previous six rookies who started won their start.

Things also have come full circle, as the first Browns rookie to start was Couch, who wore No. 2. The most recent is Manziel, also No. 2. In addition, Manziel was the 22nd pick in the draft, and he just turned ... 22.