John DeFilippo's hire seems to point to Johnny Manziel

The Cleveland Browns didn't draft Derek Carr, but they hired the quarterbacks coach who guided him.

That the coach just so happened to interview to be the team's offensive coordinator a year ago probably was a pleasant coincidence.

John DeFilippo, a 36-year-old Youngstown, Ohio, native, will take over for Kyle Shanahan. The team is expected to make the announcement Wednesday.

What this means about Johnny Manziel will remain to be seen, but it's pretty clear the Browns' emphasis was on finding someone they believe could get the most out of him.

DeFilippo's resume shows a lot of work with young quarterbacks.

Carr had a better-than-expected rookie season, throwing for 3,270 yards, 21 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. DeFilippo will be tied to his rookie season.

In 2013, DeFilippo was responsible for Terrelle Pryor and Matt McGloin, and they threw for a combined 3,345 yards.

The major concern: He has never called plays in the NFL, though he did when he was offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach at San Jose State in 2011, according to his bio in the Raiders' media guide.

In 2011, San Jose State averaged 30 runs per game and 40 passes. The team gained 276 yards passing per game, 101 rushing.

Quarterback Matt Faulkner was credited for throwing for 3,149 yards, but he had 13 interceptions to go with 13 touchdowns.

His numbers with DeFilippo calling plays translate to an NFL passer rating of 84.7.

In the NFL, DeFilippo has been a quality control coach for the Giants, assistant quarterbacks coach for the Jets and twice was quarterbacks coach for the Raiders -- the stints sandwiched around his tenure at San Jose State.

Was DeFilippo hired to maximize Manziel? The Browns didn't hire several veteran coordinators who, in theory at least, might be more set in their ways.

Shanahan left the Browns in part because he didn't believe in Manziel, according to several sources.

The Browns turned to a coordinator coach Mike Pettine worked with in New York and interviewed one year ago, a young coordinator who has had experience with young quarterbacks.

It's not too complicated to connect all these dots.