What a QB tale they've told

The number 20 is special in many circles.

The 20th anniversary means a little more than the 16th, and a young man or woman who turns 20 feels a little more "adult."

So when the Browns name their 20th starting quarterback since 1999 -- the year the team returned from a three-year hiatus -- it's worth taking a trip down memory lane (the screams in the background are from Browns fans whose memories are being jogged ... feel free to offer appropriate sympathies).


  • Ty Detmer -- The plan to have him hold the fort lasted for one blowout loss, in the season opener against Pittsburgh.

  • Tim Couch -- The original No. 1 choice, had a couple of good years but not enough.


  • Couch

  • Spergon Wynn -- Chris Palmer was lobbied to play him by the front office, and he produced two first downs in one game.

  • Doug Pederson -- Now Kansas City's offensive coordinator, started the Dennis Northcutt/Kevin Johnson quarterback game.


  • Couch -- The only season when one quarterback started every game.


  • Couch

  • Kelly Holcomb -- The year of the Dwayne Rudd helmet-removal game and the blown playoff game in Pittsburgh.


  • Holcomb -- Incurred the "teeny-tiny break of a non-weight bearing bone in his leg."

  • Couch -- Late this season, Butch Davis told Couch he was his quarterback for years to come; Couch was released in the offseason.


  • Jeff Garcia -- He never quite fit in, though he thinks he does now.

  • Holcomb

  • Luke McCown -- Interim coach Terry Robiskie admitted when McCown played, it was men against boys.


  • Trent Dilfer -- Good guy, but chewed up by the Cleveland system always looking for the next guy.

  • Charlie Frye -- Had moments as a rookie until the Christmas Eve massacre against Pittsburgh.



  • Frye -- Traded after the Browns lost the season opener.

  • Anderson -- Had the best season of a Browns QB since 1999, won 10 games, but didn't win the game needed to make the playoffs.


  • Anderson.

  • Brady Quinn -- The town was jubliant after Phil Savage traded up to get him and Joe Thomas in the first round.

  • Ken Dorsey -- At this point hopes were dimmed.

  • Bruce Gradkowski -- Signed to start the last game when everyone else was hurt.


  • Quinn and Anderson -- Yo-yoed back and forth by Eric Mangini.


  • Jake Delhomme -- Mike Holmgren's interim solution.

  • Seneca Wallace -- Holmgren's backup solution.

  • Colt McCoy -- Holmgren's drafted solution.


  • McCoy -- The year he was put back in the game with a concussion in Pittsburgh.

  • Wallace



  • Weeden

  • Brian Hoyer -- Showed promise before unfortunate injury.

  • Campbell -- Passed over twice, now starting.