Browns a trendy trade target in pre-draft buzz

I've seen it here. And here. And here.

But I still don't see it.

At least not yet.

Not unless some elite players fall out of the top five.

MMQB's Peter King and ESPN's Mel Kiper have both floated Cleveland as a potential trade suitor for a move-up to get -- wait for it -- Alabama's Amari Cooper. Oh, that's not the name you were expecting? Well, also, ESPN colleague Bill Williamson floats a scenario where the Browns could have almost any player, even Marcus Mariota, if that's who they want. Williamson says the Raiders should trade the fourth and 68th overall picks for Cleveland's 12th and 19th picks, a straight swap. Enticing, no doubt.

King, meanwhile, sees Cooper as a potential option for Cleveland if he dips past the top five, which seems reasonable.

My take:

1) Ray Farmer hasn't shown he values the receiver position -- so you think he's going to trade up eight spots to pick a receiver? I love Cooper's game but not sure Farmer makes that leap, based on philosophy, no matter how desperate.

2) Browns could move up three or four spots, but not eight. That's a steep price, though Williamson's scenario doesn't force the Browns to give up future first-rounders, and they'd get a mid-round pick in return. But if the Browns love the draft's first-round depth, or if they love a more attainable receiver such as Louisville's DeVante Parker, keeping a two-for-one advantage makes more sense.

Now, if Mariota slides past the Jets at No. 6, he's worth considering. A thorough consideration, indeed. But don't stretch it. No need to give Tennessee a three first-rounder ransom for Mariota at No. 2 overall. Don't be duped by Tennessee or Washington, which has the fifth pick. Let them overplay their hand.

3) The problem with Cooper -- I don't think he'll fall that far. He's a top-five talent, IMO. Heck, he's perfect for the Raiders, who can pair Cooper with Carr for the next 10 years. Why trade out of the spot when the ideal player is available?

4) Want to get a Raiders-Browns trade done? Give up Derek Carr. That won't happen either, but the Browns wouldn't mind having the quarterback whose 21-to-12 touchdown/interception clip was tops among rookies.

5) Ray Farmer is aggressive, so if he loves a player, all bets are off. Farmer swung two draft-day trades last year, including giving the fourth overall pick to Buffalo for No. 8 overall, which the Browns used to draft Justin Gilbert, along with this year's first-rounder. Swinging a trade for Mariota makes sense if the Browns love him, but I'm not convinced they do. Like him, yes. Love makes people do silly things.