What does a career like Anthony Henry's earn a player?

Cleveland Browns fans may remember Anthony Henry.

He was a cornerback drafted by Butch Davis who as a rookie nickel back in 2001 led the NFL in interceptions with 10. Henry went on to have a solid nine-year career, playing for the Browns, Cowboys and one year with the Lions.

ProFootballReference.com opined that his career was similar to that of former Bengals cornerback and Browns defensive coordinator Ray Horton as well as defensive backs Martin Mayhew and Bernard Pollard.

Nice career.

Nothing fabulous. No Pro Bowls, no major honors, but a nice career.

What does that nice career and nice free-agent deal with the Cowboys get a player?

How about a home in Hollywood?

Henry is now producing films, including “Once Upon A Time in Brooklyn,” with Ice-T and Armand Assante.

He bought a home in Hollywood for $2.599 million last September that he is now selling.

It’s modern, airy and has a retractable wall of glass and a walkout patio with pool. It looks like it came right out of those TV shows that feature modern, airy homes with walkout pools. Asking price: $2.995 million, which is a nice turnaround if you can get it.

The Los Angeles Times featured the house, with photos, here. It’s worth a look-see.

Henry was a quiet, polite pro when he played with the Browns. He always did what was asked and was always respectful and professional. That he hqs transitioned into a second career apparently so seamlessly is not surprising.

He described his move into film to The Examiner this way:

“I think because a lot of guys are team oriented since they were young, they like being on a team. It challenges you; it kind of gives you a sense of team camaraderie and seeing something come together. [Making a movie is] kind of like running a football play or being on a defense. You got all of these intricate parts that come together and if everybody does their job correctly they'll be successful. You know athletes want to be on film and just as well as some film stars and rappers want to be athletes, so I think it all kind of coincides.”

What does a nine-year career in the NFL get you?

It can get a person inroads into film production, and one heck of a home in Hollywood.