Marcus Mariota trade decision probably goes down to last seconds

What's the latest on the possibility of Marcus Mariota somehow winding up with the Cleveland Browns?

ESPN's Bob Holtzman reported this morning from Nashville, Tennessee that the team is "open for business" about trading the second pick, and that they have definitely talked with the Browns, Jets and Rams. [UPDATE: Jim Wyatt of the Nashville Tennessean confirms the Browns are involved, and adds the Eagles to the list.]

He added what has been reported elsewhere: The Titans are using the Robert Griffin III deal between the Rams and Redskins as the benchmark. Which means Tennessee wants three first-round picks for the second pick. The third first-rounder is the sticking point for the Browns.

That matches exactly what I was told yesterday by the source who told me the Browns and Titans had talked trade. The two first-round choices this year were in play, but the third first-round choice next year was a sticking point.

Would the Browns eventually decide that three first-round choices is worth it? It seems doubtful. Would the Browns give up two first-rounders and a second-round choice in 2016? That would be interesting to know.

The hope from teams trading up might be that the price comes down as the clock runs on Tennessee's choice, that the Titans decide at that point that the best offer at the moment is the one they should take. And perhaps that best offer at that time is the Browns' 12th and 19th picks this year.

In the end, Tennessee simply could draft Mariota. It probably won't all sort itself out until the commissioner announces the choice or trade at the podium.