Ray Farmer's first comments on Danny Shelton

The Cleveland Browns released quotes from General Manager Ray Farmer on Danny Shelton, the first of the team's two first-round draft picks, taken 12th overall:

“Here’s a young man who played upwards of 90 to 100 snaps out there in the Pac-12. He showed some ability to rush the passer, can play lateral and down the line of scrimmage. Definitely is a guy who I like to refer to as a guy who requires four hands, where he’s going to require more than one guy to pay attention to him. I love his temperament. I love how he played. I love that this kid is a smart kid, high GPA – high school and college. The guy is a football player. We’re excited about the fact that we’re going to add a guy that helps us solidify the middle of our defense and make us better up front.”

Farmer disputed the notion that Shelton is not a three-down player, saying:

“I see him as a guy that can potentially play three downs. I know he is going to help us to get to third-and-long. The question is do we have better rushers than him? Potentially. I think that we probably do have some guys that are better rushers, but I don’t think this guy is a void of playing three downs. I think there is a possibility he does play all three downs.”